People say that boys are closer to their moms whereas girls are to their dads either way they are loved unconditionally by both parents.

As kids grow up, each moments are forever cherished by parents. Just like this video, it became viral and shared by millions of netizens.

It is about a little girl and his dad preparing for breakfast while music is playing. This is how they bond with each other. But when ‘Thinking Out Loud’ song came, they neglected their cooking and started to sway making some turns and twists. Obviously the girl is enjoying their father-and-daughter dance.

Clueless to what’s around them, his wife started to film the video while tears are falling on her eyes. She was so touched that his husband was so sweet with their daughter.

In this way, the father his letting her daughter feel that she is loved and treasured. Also, it will set as an example of what a true man should be.

Source: filcommunity