I used to pray for times like this to shine like this
i had grind like that to shine this.

I realize that the truth will never die, listen to me speak you hear the proof in every line
if every time u spend a dollar u save a dollar,then u bound to win, i hit the stage and make em holla, I used to have dreams to get a brand new impala, then I copped an SL550, u gotta, dream bigger, think and scheme nigga, cash rules it all gotta bring the cream wit ya, to beat the system u really gotta learn it first, so you can pass it down soon as your child is birthed, believe in something before anyone else, then invest in that thing even when its yourself, if u win that bet, you’ll get in that jet, we so focused when they hate, we dont hear that yet, Gotta get your name up, til its famous, mad couldnt change us