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You Can Volunteer To Cuddle Drug-Addicted Babies In Order To Help Them Heal

Drug additions are probably the most menacing killer in the United States and across the globe as well. Although it is a hard truth to accept, facts don’t lie.

However, the most devastating cases of drug addiction are the ones in which babies are involved. This happens due to the parents’ prior addition that is translated onto the baby.

Still, the new “cuddle care” programs serve to soothe babies fighting addictions, by making them feel loved.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) is a condition in which every drug addiction the mother has is transferred to her baby during her pregnancy.

After they are born, babies begin the withdrawal process, since they’re not exposed to the drug intake anymore. At the moment, the NAS occurrence has escalated by 383%, which is an alarming fact.

Cuddle Care Volunteer Programs

Experts in the field assure that having professionals giving extra care to babies fighting addictions can transform their life for the future, since cuddling represents a wonderful technique of stimulating feelings of comfort, happiness and security.

Caring for a Drug Addicted Baby

Aside from the nurses, other ‘cuddlers’ are also involved in the treatment, giving each and every baby the attention it deserves.

“[Cuddling] is helping them manage through these [withdrawal] symptoms. They are very irritable; they are hard to console. This is about swaddling them and giving them that comfort and safe, secure feeling.”  says Maribeth McLaughlin, Chief nursing officer and Vice President of patient care services at Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburg.

Facility details

In America, most states already have incorporated this practice, with the method expanding to Canada as well. It is best if you can Google “cuddle care programs in…” and write the name of your state to see the options available to you in the region.

Nurse Jane Cavanuagh, who began her career as a cuddler at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Pennsylvania, urges other hospitals to quickly introduce this method, because the benefits are extraordinary.

 “These babies going through withdrawal need to be held for extended periods,” she explains. “They need human touch.”

Taking care of a baby that has been forced into a horrifying situation such as this one, can be so rewarding, you’ll never wish to do anything else.

It is amazing that people across America found a method to bring these babies the comfort they need, by giving them a second chance of a normal life.


This is The Best Way to Prepare Ginger Water In Order To Treat Migraines, Heart Burn and Joint Pain!

Ginger has been used for centuries, due to its remarkable medicinal and culinary properties. Its beneficial effects have been mentioned in the ancient Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern texts.

Being high in potassium and manganese, it supports heart health and boosts circulation. Moreover, due to the silicon, it contains, it also improves the health of the skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

Ginger is also a rich source of A, B complex, C and E vitamin, iron, calcium, sodium, beta-carotene, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are due to gingerols, compounds known to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as headaches.

According to a research published in the Journal of Natural Products, the ginger extract, as well as gingerol derivatives, fight the swellings in the joints. Other research published in Phytotherapy Research showed that ginger treated neuropathic pain in rats.

Here is how to prepare ginger water and enjoy its properties:


  • Fresh ginger root (1-2 cm)
  • ½ lemon
  •  3 glasses of water
  • Raw honey


Peel the ginger, and add it in the water. Then, add the lemon juice, and sweeten it by adding honey to taste. Strain, and drink this natural medicine on a daily basis, throughout the entire day.


Honestly, if you’re ready to move forward, this is the best advice.

No matter how much we believe we have our “shit” together, life carries many harsh truths, and no matter how much we may wish to run away from them, it is only through accepting them that we can take full responsibility for our lives.

You may be aware of some of these already, but for the rest, I’m willing to be the blunt bastard that tells them to you. You may hate me today, but you’ll thank me tomorrow.

For the record, this isn’t meant to be a pessimistic rant about how tough life is. It’s meant to motivate you to take action armed with this knowledge.

Here are 8 brutally honest truths you need to hear if you want to get your shit together in both video and written form:

1. You’re Going to Regret How Much Time You Spend on Social Media

Social media is amazing, and I’m as addicted to it as you are. But social media is also making us all more disconnected than we’ve ever been before through the illusion of increased connection. Yes, we are able to communicate with thousands of people with ease, but with what depth?

Social media is robbing way too many of us of real connection and real life experiences. Rather than looking at the world as we walk somewhere or ride public transit, we regress to what the digital world has to offer. If our addiction level stays the same, things could become really scary, and this doesn’t even take into account the potential repercussions of so much exposure to technology.

2. Your Reactions Are the Problem

Yes, shit happens. And quite often that shit really sucks to have to go through or deal with. But regardless of how challenging something is, it’s always our reaction to it that will dictate how much it is going to impact our lives.

You decide how much, and for how long, getting cut off on the highway is going to piss you off, and you decide how much someone’s poor opinion of you is going to make you shell up in insecurity. Let your natural reactions happen, but then consciously choose how long you want to let them impact everything else.

3. The Riskiest Thing You Can Do Is Avoid Risks

Whether or not you consider yourself a risk-seeker, there is nothing more risky than complacency. I’m not suggesting that you cannot get to a point where you are truly happy with your life and therefore simply want to sustain that lifestyle, but I’m suggesting that never taking any risks is about as dangerous as it gets.

Stop playing small if you know you want to play big, and stop telling yourself “this is good enough” if you know deep down you would love to do, create, and have so much more. The cost of taking that risk is your long-term happiness.

4. You Should Always Have Enough Money for What Matters

“I would love to attend that seminar or buy that course that can change my life, but money is too tight right now.” As true as that may be, you should always have more than enough to do the things that really matter.

The biggest obstacle is the way we instead spend it on the things that don’t. We don’t process buying a $7 premium coffee daily as an investment in nothing, but we do overthink and see spending a couple hundred dollars on something life-changing as too much. I’m not suggesting we start spending recklessly, or never treat ourselves, but rather that we do reassess how we currently spend our money.

5. People Are Going to Hate You No Matter What You Do

You can try and people please your entire life, but no matter what, some people are always going to dislike you. So rather than wasting your time trying to match what you think is the most acceptable, spend that time accepting exactly who you are.

6. Blaming Only Makes You Weaker

In the moment, to unjustly direct blame towards a circumstance or other person may seem relieving, but in the long term it really takes its toll. The less you take responsibility for your actions and decision making, the weaker you become mentally.

Taking responsibility may come with some immediate repercussions, but over time, it builds a life founded on honesty, and it strengthens your ability to tackle challenges when they do arise.

7. People Don’t Think of You as Much as You Think They Do

From our perspective, the whole world revolves around us, but there are 7 billion people who see it the same way. While we are not all inherently selfish or self-obsessed, we are all far more concerned with how we are perceived by others than how we perceive them.

So once again, embrace your true self and find peace in knowing that people are too concerned with themselves to give you as much as attention as you think they are.

8. Not Even the Perfect Relationship Is Going to Complete You

I have close friends whose long-term romantic relationships I not only admire, but also hope to one day experience. But even they, who seem to have found “the one,” recognize that true happiness comes from within and can never be filled in by another.

Relationships are an extension of our happiness and not the basis of it, so focus on strengthening the one with yourself and all of the others will follow accordingly.

By Mark DeNicola via Collective Evolution


Benefits that your body will get when you drink coconut water for 14 Days!

The coconut water is packed with natural electrolytes and represents and an amazing source of potassium. It is actually low in carbs, which contains at least 4.2% carbohydrates. Compared to a typical sport’s drink could contain up to 10%.

According to a study that was conducted in the year 2002, it has said everything about the coconut water.

Most of the people are not even aware about coconut oil, as well as its numerous health benefits. Coconut water has been virtually similar structure to the blood plasma which can be found in the bloodstream of all humans.

As a result, this astonishing water have been used broadly in the past war conflicts when it was commonly used as a substitute for blood plasma because it was essential for the survival of huge number of war casualties. The numerous wounded and injured people have been given coconut water during their terrible and prolonged battles.

In this article, we will be looking into some of the main benefits that can be obtained from consuming coconut water.

Tender coconut water contains a lot more nutrients than the mature one. It is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, as well as minerals just like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and even zinc.

Here are some of the health benefits of coconut water:

Balanced pH Levels

The pH value is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is, and it ranges from 0 to 14. Anything that is ranging from 0 to 7 is considered acidic, 7 is neutral and from 7 to 14 is alkaline, or basic. Nonetheless, the pH value in the body of people varies greatly throughout. Some parts are alkaline and other parts are acidic. Blood, on the other hand, is always slightly alkaline, and it is extremely dangerous and there are times that it will be fatal when if it becomes acidic.


Let us know the nutritional value of Coconut water and why it is good for diabetes. Coconut water is sterile and it is really safe to consume. It is essential to remember that an individual needs to consume the water of green coconut, and not the milky thick substance, which is known as the pulp. The whitish pulp of the coconut is high in both sugar and fat.

Increased Energy

Not only is coconut water is a great substitute to any traditional energy drinks, it also boasts other health benefits such as assisting to maintain the skin in looking young and healthy, getting rid of the toxins in the body, as well as helping in cardiovascular health. Coconut water can also aid in regulating internal fluids in order to prevent dehydration, elevates metabolism in order to assist with weight loss, and encourages a healthy digestive system.

Improves Hydration

Coconut water is low in carbohydrates and sodium, and it is packed with potassium, which is not exactly what athletes need when exercising thoroughly, says Clark. “Whether you choose a sport drink, coconut water, or plain water, they all work to maintain your body hydrated.”

Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Coconut water is the thin liquid in the center of a young green coconut; coconut milk is made by mashing the meat of the coconut with water in order to create a thick pulp, which is then cooked afterwards. Unlike coconut milk, coconut water is naturally low in sugar, sodium, and fat, as well as high in potassium, magnesium and even calcium. A study that was made in year 2006 in the Journal of Medicinal Food have said that coconut water has the ability to lower the total cholesterol and bad, LDL cholesterol, while elevating the good, HDL cholesterol.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Coconut water is not only delicious, but it could be also a possible natural solution tin making your blood pressure low. One study have shown that the benefits of this natural heart helper. Wonderfully, coconut water was found to lower the blood pressure by at least 71% of study participants. The drink is even held in high regard in numerous tropical cultures. Due to its health-promoting contents, as well as its immense hydrating qualities it attaches, there is no surprise that the coconut water is a fat better alternative to additive-laden sports drinks.

We hope that this brief article has become beneficial and informative to you, share this post so that you may inform others as well, and it might help them out, too.