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Gucci’s newest Instagram models are aliens

Do you think “These clothes are out of this world” is a little too on-the-nose as a tagline for Gucci’s new campaign? (Gucci: contact me if interested). The campaign, which notes is probably for Gucci’s upcoming Autumn / Winter ‘17 line, stars aliens and androids from far-away places in the galaxy, like the fictional planet “Xoph,” a water planet, and “unknown.”

Last night, the fashion house started posting videos on Instagram featuring different aliens (okay, possibly models dressed as aliens) standing in front of green screens. Each video is captioned with the alien’s age and planet of origin, while the alien in question acts out a brief scene with an unseen producer. Shipley, age 7, who was born in a construction facility, says, “I’m not like you humans… for me, happiness is more of a matter of differential calculus.”

The posts are hashtagged #gucciandbeyond, but aside from that there’s little in the way of actual information about what Gucci is doing (I didn’t even find it useful that all the aliens spoke English, despite the fact that this robot claims to know six million dialects).

But this is not the first offbeat Instagram campaign for Gucci. Last month, the company paired writers and artists and asked them to make Gucci-themed Instagram memes for a campaign called #TFWGucci.

#TFWGucci Sebastian Tribbie Matheson @Youvegotnomale is a ruthless meme maker. The snark starts with his account’s name. In between taking selfies and posting them to his 40,000 followers on Instagram, he creates images that take aim at popular fashion and social culture. No target is safe, from ordering on Seamless to cliché emoji usage. Here, Sebastian uses the starter pack meme, in which a group of images and objects are clustered together to represent the stereotype of a particular style or personality. For #TFWGucci he takes on Gucci, adopting the brand’s recent hallmarks, like embroidery, patches, and 70s glasses. @harinef and @petrafcollins make appearances, as does the #LeMarchédesMerveilles timepiece. Gucci = owned. — Text by @kchayka. Read more through link in bio.

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An old-school luxury brand selling clothes via memes and aliens is unusual, but the juxtaposition of high-brow and low-brow works — especially on Instagram, where your feed is probably both aspirational and familiar. Maybe Gucci used to just be your very rich neighbor, but now it’s trying to be your weird friend too.


Here’s Why You Should Never Use Your Phone In A Toilet! After Reading This, You Won’t Do It Again!

This is an interesting topic for all of us to consider, since almost all of us are guilty of this habit. What is the habit? Well, we are all guilty of taking our mobile phones into the toilet when we have to go take a dump. The problem with this is we may just be spreading germs quicker, as these germs are transferred to our mobile phones when we touch them after wiping up once we are done. We can increase the spread of germs such as E Coli and salmonella.

Leading hygiene professionals has suggested that your mobile phone could be contaminated with fecal matter. This is seen as a quick way to transfer bacteria and viruses on to your phone and then you could infect yourself when you put your hands on the phone and use those hands to pick up food that you need to hold with your hand in order to consume, such as; a burger, hot dog or fruits.

Researchers believe that this problem is made even more serious when you make use of a public toilet and you carry your mobile phone in the toilet. The sheer volume of diseases that you can potentially put yourself at risk of contracting through your mobile phone can be alarming. The viruses that are on your phone can stay there for days without dying and giving it the opportunity of spreading like wildfire.

You should avoid taking your phone into the toilet and stay healthy by so doing, also remember to wash your hands with soap after using the toilet and have them properly dried with a clean towel before picking up your mobile phone. Stay healthy always and remember that your toilet is not your living room, never feel too relaxed in the toilet, finish up and leave as soon as you can, as the longer you stay there the more at risk you are of an infection.

Source: Remedy Yard

No More Varicose Veins, no Joint Pains, no Lack of Memory, no Headaches by Using This Leaf!

All of us know that laurel is a excellent spice that has a unique region in every kitchen. However we do not recognise that those leaves as well as using them to put together ingredients are also useful in our fitness.

The laurel leaves are used for preparing an tremendous medicinal oil that has many useful to our fitness.


It calms the worried system.
Strengthens the immune device.
Cleans the colon.
Increases and stimulates the method of sweating.
It’s far used for joint pains and treats varicose veins.
Increases intellectual pastime in widespread.


30 grams of bay leaves.
250 ml of olive oil.


Mash bay leaves and pour olive oil over it. put the mixture into a pitcher bottle, close it tightly and let stand still in a dark and funky region for 14 days. Shake the bottle content material from time to time. After 2 weeks pressure the oil via cheesecloth and switch the liquid into another box. maintain the laurel oil in a cold room.

Blessings OF LAUREL OIL:

1. You could lightly warmth the oil on steam. Rub the oil very well on sick joints.

2.It’s also used for ear and migraine.

2.For excessive headaches, rubdown this oil into the temples, it will disappear quickly.

4.You can replace aspirin with laurel oil as it reduces the rise in frame temperature.

5.It improves the urge for food.

6.Enables do away with ache within the belly and intestines.

7.It normalizes renal and hepatic characteristic.

8.This oil can also be used as a lotion to resolve pores and skin issues on the face.

9.It’s miles a totally powerful lotion towards zits and pimples.

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