Jersey Demic


learn the principles and ideas that have guided Demic to his success. 


(pronounced /Dem- Ick; born May 27th, 1983)

is an Island born American rapper and record producer. Demic first began to produce in his parents garage on a pirated copy of Fruity Loops. His love for creating music led him to invest in some professional equipment at which time he saved enough money to purchase an MPC 2000xl. His fathers’ friend then gave him some used turntables so that he would be able to sample vinyl records. At the time Demic’s style of music was influenced heavily by Rocafella Records,rapping on pitched-up vocal samples from classic songs of the past. 

Demic then learned music theory which allowed him to stop sampling and orchestrate his tracks from scratch. He gained local respect in central New Jersey before moving to Orlando Florida in order to study music business. In Orlando he began to gain local fame after releasing his first solo project entitled “walk on water.” With little budget he used a grassroots promotional plan in order to push the album.

He utilized his presence at commercial radio, college radio, street team, local and national shows. In 2008 he moved back to New Jersey and started his own entertainment company “URBAN BACKGROUND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.” With the help of Bawsten and Sean Terry, Demic began to tour the country nationally performing and even headlining major concerts and events. Notable performances included stops on the Hot Import Night Tour, Monster Jam, Six Flags, And The Meadowlands Fair. Demic and Bawsten continued to work together partnering With Tgi Fridays producing a themed tour of their own. They gathered sponsorships from jagermeister and blajers to help with the intangibles. In 2010 demic began planning the long awaited follow up release to “walk on water” this would be entitled “rat race.”