There are many plants that can enhance the energy flow, create happiness, wellbeing, relaxation, peace and purify the air. Removing the negative energy will improve the health and reduce the stress. Here are some plants that promote positive energy in your office or home:


It purifies the air and emits oxygen 20 hours a day and absorbs the gasses that are dangerous. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties and it acts as an antioxidant. Grow it under full sun in the northeast, east or north area of the garden or home.


It purifies the house from the toxins and promotes mental and physical health. It improves the mood and memory and treats fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. Grow it in a sunny place and remember not to water it too often.

*Peace Lily*

It brings physical, mental and spiritual prosperity and enhances the energy flow as it purifies the air and neutralizes the gasses. It provides restful sleep and tranquility. Grow it in darker place, in the corner of your home or office.

*Aloe Vera*

It brings positive energy, eliminates the negative vibes. It has healing properties. Water it regularly and keep it on artificial light or indirect sunlight with proper drainage in a pot.


Its smell relieves the stress, brings positive energy and boosts the relationships and romance. Keep it at a south facing window or in the northeast, east or north area in your garden.

Bring Positive Energy In Your House With These 12 Amazing Plants!


It has healing properties and promotes honesty and purity, eliminates the toxins and cleanses the air. Keep it in places where the tension is gathered to make tranquility.

*Lucky bamboo*

It was used in Asia for many years because it symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. It is believed in Feng shui that its vertical shape represents the wood element that affects the physical activity, life energy and vitality. Place it in shaded corner in glass bowl with one-inch of distilled or purified water.

*Areca palm*

It Purifies and detoxifies the air and leaves positive and pure environment. Its leaves soften the room’s energy.

*English ivy*

It filters the air, eliminates the air toxins and creates calm, relaxed, safe and positive environment.


The Feng shui believes that it enhances the energy. It has flowers that last long and they can be in many sizes and shapes with pleasant and sweet smell that improves the mood and calms the mind. At night it releases oxygen and that makes it great for keeping it in the bedroom.

Bring Positive Energy In Your House With These 12 Amazing Plants!


It eliminates the negative emotions like anger and fear and promotes the positive energy flow. It has medicinal properties too. Keep it on low humidity or dry spots.

*Money plant*

This plant’s name is Epipremnum aureum and it is also known as ivy arum, hunter’s robe, silver vine or golden pothos. It supports the positive energy flow and leads to good luck and fortune.  Grow it as trailer or climber and keep it in front of sharp corner or angle to reduce the anxiety, negative vibes and stress.

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