If you have red eyes, you could be hiding a heart problem, find out!

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Although each of our senses is important because they fulfill functions that no other can do, the sight plays a more than crucial role.

Seeing allows us to be connected with the world, and with all the wonderful things that surround us; The landscapes, the faces of the people we love, the places we are familiar with and everything that happens around us.

But we often neglect this very important sense, especially when we are young and we submit to efforts or jobs that involve working the sight more than we should.

When we strain our eyes in front of the screens of the mobile devices, or the long hours of study in dim light, or watch TV at close range we notice that after a few hours our sight is tired, irritated, with watery eyes and often up to with blurred vision.

All these things can generate what we call the effusion. This usually occurs in people who suffer from the heart, especially if the stroke occurs in the left eye, as it also happens in people who have high blood pressure.

The stroke itself is not as serious as it shows that we may suffer from a heart condition, either because the heart works too much, because of an intense physical activity or because of stress.

To favor the heart and help you more relaxed we recommend that you sleep on the right side so you do not have to put up with too much pressure. Another thing you could do is avoid eating fats, something that damages the heart and your body in general. Also the consumption of alcoholic beverages, the cigarette and the sedentary life threaten against your cardiac health.

A way to take care of the heart and at the same time the sight has to do with changes in the lifestyle that will result in a general benefit for your body.

Source: Home Remedies Corner